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            Open data

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            In accordance with the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act and associated OMB guidance (M-19-23) , and in support of the President's Management Agenda's strategic goal of Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset, the Department of Commerce designates the following officials: Chief Data Officer: Thomas Beach Evaluation Officer: Christine Heflin Statistical Official: Mary Bohman Please note...

            Federal Data Strategy Releases Draft Year-1 Action Plan

            From the sensor data generated at NOAA’s observation stations to the population data collected by the Census Bureau to the economic data produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Department of Commerce produces a wealth of information about the American people, the American economy, and our daily lives. And our Department is not alone. All across government, Federal agencies collect and...

            New Data Tools Connect American Workers to Education and Job Opportunities

            After she was infected with Lyme disease at age 6, Olivia was hospitalized for months, and suffered blackouts and the inability to walk for long stretches of her young life. She had a dream of creating tools that would help other kids in her position. At 14, she is the inventor of Tick Tracker, a global app that uses federal data to help people identify ticks around them, and the founder of the...

            White House Releases First-Quarter Milestones on Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset

            Today marks the release of the first-quarter milestones for Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset, a new and exciting Cross-Agency Priority Goal of the President’s Management Agenda. I am excited to co-lead this effort with my colleagues, Pradeep Belur, Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff at the Small Business Administration, Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer, Nancy Potok...

            White House Hosts Roundtable on Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset

            Today, I attended an expert roundtable on Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset, co-hosted by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Center for Open Data Enterprise. Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset is a new and exciting Cross-Agency Priority Goal of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), and I am thrilled to co-lead this effort with my colleagues, Pradeep Belur, Chief of Staff at...

            Data and reports

            The Commerce Department collects, stores, and analyzes a wealth of information, including data on the Nation’s economy, population, and environment. These data go to the core of the Department’s mission. As America’s Data Agency, the Department of Commerce is using its data to spur innovation inside and outside the Federal Government and promote greater prosperity across the country.” - Secretary...

            Bureau APIs

            Find and access featured data or web services from the department's agencies and mission areas.

            Delivering Data Innovation – A Partnership Model That’s Working

            We are reminded almost daily of the importance of Commerce’s data for our nation’s people, businesses, and economy. NOAA’s satellite and weather data are helping individual Americans and businesses plan future activity. Survey data disseminated by the U.S. Census Bureau are empowering businesses and communities to make evidence-based decisions. BEA’s economic indicators, which include the GDP...

            Making Statistics Accessible, Anywhere, Anytime

            The U.S. Census Bureau is proud to announce a new collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and their mobile application, FRED – making it easier for data users to access our statistics anytime and on any device. Web applications, which present information in visually appealing and interactive ways, are a great way to serve the needs of many customers. Web and mobile apps not only...

            Data tutorials

            Please note that due to the retirement of the Commerce Data Service, these data tutorials are no longer actively maintained and are presented as-is for public use. Over time, the links and code in the tutorials may break or become outdated. When possible, broken links have been updated to an archive.org snapshot. With tens of thousands of datasets ranging from satellite imagery to material...