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            Office of Internal Controls

            The Office of Internal Controls is responsible for overseeing the Department's assessment of internal controls over financial reporting, which includes developing the assessment plan, evaluating internal control risk, testing of internal controls, and tracking the status of corrective actions for internal control findings. The office is responsible for coordinating with the Office of the Inspector General in planning required annual financial statement audits, assisting finance offices in responding to financial statement audit reports, preparing audit action plans, and tracking the status of management actions on financial statement audit reports.

            Director for Financial Reporting, Policy, Internal Controls, and Travel:

            Gordon Alston - GAlston@doc.gov

            Main Line -?(202) 482-1207

            Office of Financial Internal Controls Staff
            Name, Title Phone Number
            Julie Tao, Director (202) 482-0502?
            Tanya Jordan (202) 482-1207
            Esther Kim (202) 482-0763
            Jean Baick (202) 482-4566
            Greg Paige (202) 482-0645
            Vacant (202) 482-3815
            Mark Lee (202) 482-6285
            ? ?

            Important Links: