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            Questions About BAS

            ? ? ?Have a question about BAS???

            If you have a question about BAS, we would love to hear?from you!??

            The question will be routed to the BAS Organizational Change Management (OCM)?Team?and they will respond as soon as possible.?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

            BAS Questions and Answers (Q&As)

            Below is the compiled BAS Questions and Answers (Q&As). The format is an excel file that you can sort, filter and/or search for specific information. If the information you’re seeking is not in the file, you can use “Submit a BAS Question” to submit your question. We will forward it to the right experts to address during our next BAS Q&A Office Hour call. Your question and answer will then be added to the Q&A file and made available to you and others in the BAS user community.

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